Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

We operate in an emerging market which also happens to be unregulated.  This is a recipe for disaster for the unwary.  It’s therefore vitally important for anyone considering a polished concrete floor to be aware of the risks when it comes to choosing a provider.  Here at Refined Polished Concrete Specialists Ltd we take huge pride in helping people avoid the myriad pitfalls.

The guidance we offer in this section is just as much about choosing the right contractor for you, as it is about helping you choose us.  When there is little to choose between two contractors, it’s important for you to find the right fit for you, in terms of style, taste, personality and personal values.

We encourage everybody – without exception – to choose the contractor that is right for them.  In some cases, the information we share here will guide you towards somebody else.  And that’s fine.  All we want is what’s best for you!

Why Choose RPCS Ltd?

Refined polished concrete was founded to serve the UK with a premium polished concrete service with a keen focus on quality, attention to detail and excellent customer service, there are so many possibility’s with polished concrete. We serve all sectors, however, specialise in bespoke residential.

We have made it our mission to trial and test any available products to ensure that we only use the best, after years of R and D  we are proud to offer a premium polished concrete service. Ed Standen is the driving force behind Refined Polished Concrete Specialists Ltd – with a passion for concrete that is unrivalled. “I have always found concrete really interesting from a very young age. What I love is that every job allows you to start with a blank canvas, pick from a number of approaches and finishes, before creating an end-result that is utterly unique and beautiful”.

Polished concrete can be confusing for the end client sometimes as there is a lot to take in. We are here to make things simple. We will guide you through start to finish. We do encourage customers to contact us early so we can be of assistance even if it is just for advice to avoid the pitfalls. We really do love polished concrete and it shows in our work.

Our Core Values



Excellent Customer Service


You may be surprised to discover these stunning flooring options cost no more than other premium flooring options.  To learn more about pricing and the considerations involved check out our blog post: How Much does Polished Concrete Cost?; or if you are already set on a polished concrete floor, you could always request a formal quotation.

General Advice: Choosing the right Polished Concrete Flooring Contractor

Our best advice for you in considering a polished concrete floor, is to take your time selecting your contractor.  Do your own due diligence.  Ask good questions.  Make sure you know as much as possible about your contractor before work begins.



Arrange A Quotation

Whether you require a sample or not it is a good idea to start with a quotation.