Every job in the polished concrete trade is unique, with its own challenges, so setting an accurate price for a job at outset presents a number of challenges. That said, we will always do our best to offer an estimate, or detailed quotation to help you, depending on where you are in your thinking.

Polished Concrete Floors

To give you an idea on price our most expensive full mechanical polished concrete process is comparable in price to a premium tiled flooring option.

Pricing Methods

We have three approaches to pricing a full mechanical polished concrete process:

1) Estimate
2) Sample Service
3) Full Quotation

1) Estimate

We will provide a rough estimate based upon limited information, to guide you in your thought processes, when little is known about the work to be undertaken. Given that the majority of our work is bespoke and relies upon detailed assessments, we regard our estimates as a form of customer service, as a rough guide to potential project costs. They are not full quotations, carry disclaimers to that effect and are not binding on either party in any way.

2) Sample Service

Our sample service aims to eliminate uncertainties surrounding what is possible with a pre-existing concrete base and understanding how much work is going to be involved where the consistent materials within a concrete base are unknown. The service aims to achieve two things: 1) Preview the type of finish the customer can expect 2) Set an accurate price for the rest of the contract.

3) Full Quotation

An up front quotation is more suitable when the quality and consistency of the existing concrete base is already known and the customer is confident about what they want and are ready to commit to a full contract. An up-front quotation requires more information before work commences and also comes with more clauses designed to allow adjustments for unexpected, or unforseeable circumstances. Terms and conditions apply:

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