Concrete Restoration and Re-polishing

You may have and old, dirty and worn out slab in situ in your home or working environment, you may be considering covering this unsightly floor with tiles/laminate/carpet or lino, however, we would recommended you reconsider. There is always a much better solution than covering up old concrete with a flooring option which is only going to have to be re done at some point down the line. We can guarantee that so long as the slab is suitable, reprocessing what is already there will not only rejuvenate the look off your floor but will also rejuvenate the whole feel of your environment. Polished concrete really is a lifestyle choice, one which enables you to spend more time doing the things you love, and less time focusing on cleaning and maintenance, why waste a good floor in favour of an aesthetically inferior product in the same price band.

We are able to undertake all repair works(cracks included), and any any re-polishing/processing which needs to be undertaken. Aversely, you have had a polished concrete floor, but may be thinking of changing the style by exposing aggregates, staining or the floor just doesn’t look right to you, we can help.

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