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This page is intended as a quick introduction to the beauty, benefits and styles achievable using our polished concrete flooring services:

Our passion is polished concrete floors and it shows.  Here at Refined Polished Concrete Specialists Ltd we pride ourselves on providing the best premium polished concrete flooring services in the UK, in terms of both quality of work and customer service.

What is Polished Concrete?


Polished concrete is the description for the outcome of a process of grinding and honing a concrete base, or slab, usually by means of mechanical machine tools and diamond abrasives.  The abrasives come in different ‘grit’ levels, which are applied incrementally to achieve the final look.


Why polished concrete floors?


For many people, the stunning beauty alone is all they need when it comes to choosing a polished concrete floor.   For others, additional benefits may come into play such as:

  • Unique finish
  • Low maintenance (not zero maintenance)
  • Safe non-slip surface
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long life
  • Price – the polishing process costs no more than other premium flooring options




The best way to explain each of these finishes would be to consider how much sand and stone inside the concrete base becomes exposed after treatment.  Each concrete base consists of a unique mixture of cement, sand and stone which combine together to influence the final appearance of your polished concrete floor.

For a cream finish the surface of the slab will be polished to deliver you a subtle finish of textures and colours derived from a predominantly cement-based surface.  The process behind achieving Salt and Pepper and Full Aggregate finishes is very different and involves layers of the concrete surface being progressively removed, initially revealing the finer sands and stones (for Salt and Pepper), before reaching the larger stone below (for a Full Aggregate finish).





The cream finish is undeniably beautiful with all its textures and shades, but the nature of the finish is often misunderstood.  The name it is given reflects the style as opposed to the colour, which can indeed be cream in colour, but not always.  The colour actually varies according to the pre-existing concrete mix.  A subtle blend of textures and colours will emerge, influenced by the constituent materials within the slab surface.


How is it achieved?

The first thing to mention when aiming for a cream finish is that in the current marketplace, it is often not possible to deliver this type of finish from domestically laid concrete.  A successful outcome relies on the pre-existing condition and consistency of the concrete floor.  In order to achieve a cream finish, we must be able to work on the concrete surface without exposing any of the stones in the concrete mix.  This means it’s essential to avoid grinding away any of the surface material.  This is often not possible when the concrete is either too soft or too uneven.  The problem with either of these situations is that a grinding process is required to achieve a consistent, level, durable finish.  As soon as a grinding process is needed we inevitably begin exposing the finer sands and stones.  The process of exposing the sand and stone prevents a cream finish from being achieved. That said we do work along side premium installers and would be happy to pass over their details.


Salt and Pepper


What does the Salt and Pepper finish look like?

The salt and pepper finish draws out the finer sands and aggregates within the concrete to produce a generally speckled look.



How is it achieved?

A salt and pepper finish is achieved by carefully removing approximately 1mm from the surface using a grinding process, to expose the finer sands and aggregates within.  Once this initial grinding process is complete a set of progressively finer abrasives will be applied to the surface to hone the look until the desired level of clarity shine and smoothness is achieved.

An advanced grout will be applied to fill aeration holes. During this process, the condition of the concrete is assessed and chemicals applied as needed, such as powerful densifiers, in order to secure, the hardest, most durable of floors.  Once the desired look is achieved, the work is sealed using advanced sealers.

A high-quality pre-existing concrete mix is essential to a successful outcome due to the fact only 1mm is being removed from the surface.


Full Aggregate



What does the full aggregate finish look like?


A full aggregate finish reveals the larger stones contained in the concrete slab, so it’s the stoniest looking finish of all polished concrete finishes.


How is it achieved?

The Full Aggregate finish is achieved by grinding through more concrete than other finishes to reveal more of the larger materials contained in the concrete base.  This is achieved first by grinding approximately 3mm from the surface to expose the larger stones within the concrete.  After grinding a set of progressively finer abrasives will be applied to the surface to hone the look until the desired level of clarity, shine and smoothness is achieved.

The condition of the concrete is assessed and chemicals applied, as needed, such as powerful densifiers, in order to secure the hardest, most durable of floors. Once the desired look is achieved, the work is sealed using advanced sealers.  The softer the floor the more chemicals are required.

Matte, satin or gloss shines are available with all finishes.


How do I get a polished concrete floor?


If your concrete is already in place:

In our mission to be a market leading provider of stunning polished concrete floors, we insist that the concrete we work on has been laid to a particular standard.  To this end, we provide a concrete specification with all our quotations, which forms part of our Terms and Conditions.  To help many of our customers who are unable to confirm the standard to which their concrete has been laid, we do offer a sample service, which aims to give both parties an indication of the quality of the concrete and of the likely outcome:

  • Sample service – request a sample service here
  • Full quotation – An upfront quotation is more suitable when the quality and consistency of the existing concrete base is already known and the customer is confident about what they want and are ready to commit to a full contract. An up-front quotation requires more information before work commences and also comes with more clauses designed to allow adjustments for unexpected, or unforeseeable circumstances. Terms and conditions apply:

polished concrete floors uk



My concrete slab has not been installed:

  • Refined polished concrete will provide you with a process to obtain your desired finish. After you provide Refined with the information we need we will issue your quotation

As the quality of the concrete is critical to a successful outcome, we provide concrete specification guides and necessary information for your installation. We specialise in diamond polishing and not installing concrete, which we see as another specialised skill. With the right process these floors are truly stunning and worth the effort.

This is a perfect time for you to contact us, we can help you every step of the way.



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