Other Products and Services

Here at Refined, we understand that when working in a commercial environment, especially in warehouses or places with high foot traffic, your original concrete floor, though not necessary requiring an aesthetic finish, may require small/large remedial work, we provide rapid, high quality repair work such as –

  • Repair work to spalling expansion joints
  • Repair work to areas where the slab has crumbled/worn away/ areas of high porosity/uneven surfaces).
  • We can provide you with rapid and long lasting concrete repairs using the best quality products on the market such as Metzger McGuire.
  • Consultation on your existing floor and most suitable action to be be taken. 
  • Bespoke staining (we can stain the entire floor to your desired colour or even stain stencils/logos depending on your preference) All staining penetrates and chemically bonds to the concrete and is completed throughout the honing process, this ensures that that stains are both durable and long lasting, boarders create a beautiful feature.

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Whether you require a sample or not it is a good idea to start with a quotation.