What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is becoming more and more popular… but what is it?

The Answer…

‘Polished concrete is a superior interior design option for surfaces that leaves other options in the shade.’

The Polished Concrete Story

Although polished concrete has been around for quite some time, it is still relatively unknown, or misunderstood here in the UK, with very few providers able to offer high quality finished surfaces.

Compare that to the USA, where polished concrete has almost become a mainstream interior design option. It’s pretty popular in Australia too.

Seeing is Believing!

For people that have never seen a polished concrete surface, there is a real ‘Wow! Factor’ in seeing one with your own eyes.


With polished concrete floors there is an instinctive expectation to slip or slide, that quickly turns to surprise as the floor provides genuine grip underfoot.

No wonder the rich and famous of London have caught onto polished concrete in a big way!

What can you expect from a polished concrete floor?

  • Seamless beauty
  • Choice of finishes* – whilst remaining unique every time
  • Safe non-slip surface – even on the shiniest of finishes
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally-friendly finish
  • Long-lifespan
  • Solutions for different budgets

How is the Polished Concrete Effect Achieved?

The best, most durable finishes, are derived by grinding a concrete surface using diamond abrasives, usually with the application of a sequence of progressively finer grits, which smooth and seal the surface. The process is usually supplemented by the use of chemical densifiers, which as the name suggests, help to harden the concrete.

For an in-depth exploration of polished concrete you could start by reading our FREE guide (available via our Home Page), or reading our recommended articles, blog and FAQs.

*Note: Your choice of finishes can be influenced by many factors including whether or not you conduct any planning before your concrete is mixed and laid. To learn more about how you can influence the outcome of your polished concrete floor, read our blog post: 50 Shades of Grey – The Concrete Matrix