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RPCS Ltd was born from the passion of one man (Ed Standen) and his love of concrete, of all things. Particularly his love of the beauty and benefits of polished concrete solutions:

RPCS Vision Mission and Values

RPCS Ltd is driven by the vision of becoming a UK market leader for the provision of residential polished concrete flooring solutions. Our mission is to deliver every job as if it’s our last and most important project.

Everything we do is driven by our core values of quality, honesty and excellent customer service, with a pricing policy that’s in line with comparable premium options in the market.

RPCS Nationwide UK

RPCS is based in the West Midlands, specialising in Polished Concrete solutions, such as flooring for residential properties.

We are available for work throughout the UK, although we will usually add travel costs and related expenses for work undertaken outside the West Midlands.

Products and Services


  • Polished concrete floors (full mechanical process)
  • Micro Toppings and micro cement flooring solutions
  • After-care for polished concrete floors

Refined Polished Concrete Specialists Ltd – Address

221 Widney Road
Bentley Heath
West Midlands
B93 9BW

Email: info@refinedpolishedconcrete.co.uk
Tel: 01564 718460

Meet Ed Standen, MD

“There’s more to concrete than people think”

“No-one likes polished concrete more than me!”

 – Ed Standen

Ed Standen is the driving force behind Refined Polished Concrete Specialists Ltd – with a passion for concrete that is unrivalled.

“There’s more to concrete than people think”, says Ed, having spent his entire life immersed in the stuff, learning its nuances and various applications to a level beyond the awareness of most industry insiders.

Ed was brought up around concrete, spending his formative years immersed in his Dad’s business which specialised in Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) basements and homes.

But it wasn’t until he went to Australia that Ed first encountered polished concrete, where he fell in love with the beauty, potential and benefits of this particular method of finishing.

“Polished concrete offers a seamless beauty, with deceptively non-slip surfaces that also happen to be environmentally friendly, thanks to the fact we commonly find ourselves working with materials that are already there.” says Ed.

“What I love is that every job allows you to start with a blank canvas, pick from a number of approaches and finishes, before creating an end-result that is utterly unique.”

Ed’s fascination and obsession with polished concrete is unrelenting and his thirst for knowledge unquenchable, which means he is constantly researching, experimenting with ideas and knowledge sharing with market leaders in the industry.

You only need to speak to Ed briefly about concrete to gain a sense for his passion and feel for his knowledge:

“No-one likes polished concrete more than me!” says Ed.

We challenge you to find anyone that comes close.

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