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How Much Does Polished Concrete Cost?

how much for polished concrete floor

The most commonly asked question that we receive is how much does polished concrete flooring cost or how much is polished concrete per square metre?

When customers ask that question our reply is

“comparable to other premium flooring options.”

When we release a quotation for a concrete floor that has yet to be laid, we base our quotation on that a specification is met (which we issue during our process).

That may sound confusing, however there is logic to our pricing. The specification we provide before a concrete floor is installed is there to provide the best outcome of finish, many believe concrete is concrete, however when it comes down to the aesthetics of the finish, the quality of the concrete has a huge impact on the overall finish. For instance if you cut corners in the laying process that will show on the final product, that’s why we are so strict about our clients following the specification and choosing wisely on who is laying the concrete.

Your next thought might be, why don’t you lay the concrete if it is so important? Our answer to this is that we specialise in the art of diamond processing concrete, we concentrate on this skill, others may think we just push various machines around and that’s it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Every piece of concrete is different and a different approach has to be taken each time from a professional. Laying concrete is a different skill itself, I can probably guess what you are thinking, ‘concrete isn’t hard to lay’ – but that is a massive misconception in the industry. Anyone can lay concrete but laying concrete correctly is a different matter and very skilled work.

how much does polished concrete cost?

The cost of polished concrete depends on a number of factors – speak to us today to discuss your needs

When concrete is laid for a finished floor that is to be polished it has to be finished and cured in a certain manner. The reason we provide the specifications and information when you come to us is to give you a high quality floor.

We have various options available on the pricing page of our website which will guide to the best option for you, if its old or new concrete we will be able to assist you with your options.


So how much does it cost to have a polished concrete floor?

The answer to this is every project is unique and different approaches have to be taken – for example the amount of rooms, the desired finish etc. We can issue a quotation based on the specification is met, and also can give a ballpark figure on request based on the specification is met per square metre. (Usually around £50per square metre). It is always a good idea to have a figure in mind that you are willing to pay when considering how much does polished concrete cost.


All this effort for a floor… why? 

The list of benefits when the right process has been taken is huge compared to other flooring options and not to mention the sheer beauty of the floors is something that cannot be replicated.

We take huge pride in creating something truly special and when you see these floors, you really can understand what all the fuss is about and that it really is worth that extra planning.

If you like to know more about polished concrete please do not hesitate to contact Refined on 01564 718460