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How Much Does Polished Concrete Cost?

The most commonly asked question that we receive is: “How much does a polished concrete floor cost?’; or the popular variation: ‘How much is a polished concrete floor per square metre?’ Our answer to these questions is as follows: “The price of processing a polished concrete floor after the concrete has been laid is comparable […]


Does A Polished Concrete Floor Work With Underfloor Heating?

As a company that aspires to be the leading authority on all things related to polished concrete flooring, we find ourselves fielding many questions every day. In this article we tackle one of our biggest and increasingly frequently asked questions: Does a polished concrete floor work with underfloor heating? The good news, if you’re considering […]


How we polished concrete in the Alps

Our passion for polished concrete takes us to some interesting places, as our recent expedition to a home improvement project in the Alps in January 2017 will testify. We enjoyed the privilege of supporting CARRcrete Ltd (a Company we truly admire) – on this polished concrete flooring project. In addition to sharing the workload, we […]


The Case for Polished Concrete

Here at Refined Polished Concrete Specialists Ltd, we have a huge passion for polished concrete, but we figured some of our readers might benefit from an outline of the many reasons why we do. The array of stunning finishes and scintillating beauty on offer is a big winner for us and certainly a huge reason […]


50 Shades of Grey – The Concrete Matrix

Most people tend to assume concrete is grey and industrial looking, but there are many factors that will draw out different colours and hues, especially when producing polished concrete finishes. The constituent components of your original concrete matrix – that is to say those specific materials that were mixed together to create the concrete – […]